2009 Q1 Report Higgins

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  1. Milestone 1.1M5 was completed January 20th
  2. Reorganized Higgins home page
  3. The French FC2 consortium held a Higgins workshop for 3 days in Paris exploring using Higgins components as part of their cross-protocol, cross-platform architecture.
  4. Higgins presentation and Information Card demonstrations (RCP and hosted AIR (Azigo) Selectors) at EclipseCON March 23-26
  5. Higgins presentation requested by Citizen Outreach Focus Group of the Identity Credential and Accessment Management subcommittee of the Federal CIO Council.




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  1. SOPERA announced their release 3.2, which contains the Higgins Security Token Service.
  2. Come see Higgins enabled demonstrations at the Liberty Alliance and Information Card Foundation Workshop at RSA on April 20th.