2008 Q4 Report Kids Online

From IdCommons


We had a fantastic conference - just over 30 people attended including

  • advocates for children online,
  • lawyers who work for companies doing things online for kids,
  • companies who provide services to keep kids safe online and
  • media properties that are for kids.

You can see conference notes and material online here

We managed to break even and have $110 in the bank for work going forward. 10% of revenue was contributed back to IC for a total of $640.

A lot of energy was generated out of the conference and many outcomes including a Podcast around the issues and further Conferences both in North America and the UK for those in the industry along with potentially Kids and Parents oriented conferences.

We have our own wiki up - http://kidsonline.idcommons.net

We have a mailing list going http://lists.idcommons.net/lists/info/kidsonline

Regular community conference calls are beginning.

We had a follow up meetup following the FOSI conference.


We didn't secure enough sponsorship to break even until 2 days before the conference.

We had less people attend then we though - but those who did attend were the right people.


Join the mailing list if you would like to contribute.

Please let us know about events that we should consider having either a meetup or a 1/2 day or full day unconference beside about Kids Online issues.


We re-worded our purpose to be: The collection and dissemination of good, effective and shared practices that balance kids safety and support fun by supporting critical conversations among stake holders through face to face events and online.

We are planning follow up events but have nothing to announce yet.