2008 Q2 Report IIW

From IdCommons


IIW 2008a was a success. I think we had the most notes taken on the wiki ever. We also had a new 'results' wall that pushed a lot of information out during the event about what happened in sessions.


The number of attendees was the same as the last time. Part of this was due to the Berkman conference at the same time. I also think that there was less of a focus on invitation then there could have been.


Please let us know dates that don't work for you in the April-May window as we are looking to book our next event.


IIW 2008b is coming up November 10-12

DESIGN TEAM: If you would like to be a part of the design team please contact Kaliya.

INVIATION: If you would like to be proactive inviting people who you think should be there/have something to contribute please contact Kaliya.

SPONSORSHIP: We are about to send out information about sponsorship - so if you would like to contribute to IIW in this way please let us know so we can send you that information.

Following IIW We are doing a Kids Online day November 13 - this will be separate from but liked to IIW. Kids are going to be welcome - so if you want to bring yours you can. A group is forming to pull it together including Denise Taloe, Joi Padgorny and Bob Blakley. Contact Kaliya if you want to be involved.