2007 Q4 Report OSIS

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The Open Source Identity System currently has three subgroups. One subgroup works on general OSIS working group support outreach activities such as giving tutorial sessions at IIW. A second subgroup is in charge of finding the best bars for the group to tour after meetings and successful interop events. The third subgroup is responsible for the majority of OSIS work: coordinating interoperability among numerous projects and organizations that produce identity system components.

The Open Source Identity System working group organized two interop sequences in 2007, and began a third. Each interop consisted of a kickoff meeting at which we discussed the general areas of interoperability testing, collaboration tools, and event structures. Then during the next few months, project teams collaborated via the OSIS working group, refined test scenarios, and debugged their code. Each interop concluded with a public event. The interops of 2007 included:

  • I1: began in May at IIW 2007a and concluded in June at the Burton Catalyst conference in San Francisco.
  • I2: began in Sept at the Digital Identity World conference, and ended in October at the Burton Catalyst Conference in Barcelona.
  • I3: began in December at the IIW 2007b and will conclude in April at the RSA conference in San Francisco.

Accomplishments for Q4 2007 include:


An impediment has been uncertainty about moving to Identity Commons collaboration tools. As a working group OSIS needs some basic collaboration tools:

  • reliable mailing lists that are easy to administer and have web accessible archives.
  • a wiki and document repository that is reliable, backed up, and supports authentication from identity systems supported by OSIS such as OpenID and Information Cards.
  • a consistent dial-in number for a conference call service
  • As the working group has evolved, we have also occasionally encountered issues in which some support from an umbrella organization such as idcommons would be helpful, but we have been unclear on the role of idcommons relative to OSIS.

None of the above issues are really breakdowns, more like slowdowns that we would like to address in the future.


  • We need to work with idcommons to resolve collaboration tools hosting.
  • The OSIS group requests interested projects to get involved in the current interop. Testing is happening now.
  • We also are always interested in suggestions for future interops.


We are in the process of moving our wiki and collaboration tools to a new subdomain.

The I3 Interop is Under Way