2007 Q4 Report IIW

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We hold the Internet Identity Workshop twice a year. One way to track the vector of developments in user-centric identity it to plot the gestalt of the workshop each year. Here’s my (Phil Windley's) characterization of that vector (based on some earlier comments from Johannes Ernst):

  • IIW2005: we met each other and found out what everybody was working on
  • IIW2006A: proponents of multiple identity protocols start to how they can work together
  • IIW2006B: small-scale interoperability and some consolidation
  • IIW2007A: interoperability demonstrations of Information Cards and lightweight solutions converge on OpenID

At IIW2007B OpenID, CardSpace, and SAML, along with supporting technologies, projects, and consortia are being taken as givens. The questions have become what to do now that the foundational technologies have been worked out.

This was December 3-5 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

It was a real mile stone for the community - some described it as reaching the "end of the beginning" OpenID 2.0 had its IPR issues settled and the spec declared final. The first real in-depth meeting of the minds of that group happened at the first IIW in Oct 2005 in Berkeley. OAuth and OpenID were there talking about how their two open standards complemented one another. The Higgins project moved closer to a 1.0 release.

At the beginning of IIW we engaged in a community conversation about "what we know and what we don't know" out of that came different statements that were available for 'voting' using Dotmocracy. The conference was so good that almost no one had time to read through the ideas posted. We have captured them on the wiki though. Someone was talking about making an online version of the tool - could be a cool community tool.

At the close of this IIW we had community awards handed out - a range of people were recognized for their efforts in the community both at the event and over the past year. To see who awarded who for what check out this page.

We also gave the first Owen Davis Award to Andrew Nelson and Owen Davis for dedication to the 'good of the community. They were the founders of the first Identity Commons in 2001.

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Blog Coverage There was not as much blog coverage for this event as there has been in the past. It is never to late to post reflections - here are some.

There was a video -recap produced by the guys from Been Verified

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Thank You

To date sponsors of the Internet Identity Workshop have included:

AOL, Novell, Microsoft, Liberty Alliance Project, British Telecom, Google, Plaxo, Adobe, Cisco, OASIS IDtrust, CommerceNet, SXIP, Higgins Project, Bandit Project, Vidoop, Applied Identity, Authentrus, Planetwork, ClaimID


(blocks -- things keeping you from moving forward)

We burst our Monday evening dinner venue - so we need to find a place that can hold over 100 next time. The music was to loud at the Tuesday evening venue - so we have to tone down that.


Please add more notes/reflections on the wiki if you have some about a session you were at. Please blog about IIW 2007b.

We need to know dates to avoid when booking our Fall workshop. PLEASE let us know ASAP if there are events in the work we should be sure not to conflict with.

Please don't be shy to invite and let others who may have an interest in what we are up to.


Badges for IIW 2008a (#6) are now available from here! If you are planning to come, thinking about coming, a fan pleas post one on your blog!

We are looking for sponsors - if you are interested in sponsoring please contact Phil and let him know. Phil@windley.org

We are looking design team members - to give advice and input on the shape of the next IIW. We will likely have our first call around March 1. Please contact Kaliya if you would like to participate kaliya@mac.com

There may be a related but not IIW produced 'trade show' on May 15th. If you are interested in learning more about that and/or participating please contact Charles Andres - CAndres@parityinc.net