2007 Q4 Report Higgins

From IdCommons

This is the first report to Identity Commons on activities in this proposed working group. Mary Ruddy has written this report.


  • The big news from the Higgins project is that we finally achieved “pencils down” on release 1.0 as of December 31st and are now polishing it and going through the formal review process to release it.


  • Since Higgins is multi-protocol and best practices for some of these protocols are evolving (CardSpace Interoperability comes to mind) it was very hard to declare a stopping point.


  • While "Higgins" (Paul, Mary, Dale, etc.) has been active with Identify Commons for a long time, we are looking forward to having the project become an official working group as soon as the next round of voting can be held.
  • Once we have an official release date, it would be great if this community would blog about Higgins 1.0.


While we are working on getting Higgins 1.0 officially released we are also planning what will be in the next release. We are holding a Higgins Face-to-Face meeting in Provo this week (January 29-31) to discuss the new items.

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