2007 Q4 Newsletter

From IdCommons

Just before the IIW meeting the Project VRM Steering Committee convened in Mountain View at Google Headquarters. Project responsibilities were assigned to sub-groups, with Standards & Practices, Use Cases, Advocacy and defining the VRM vision among them. A use case of ubiquitous nature was discussed: change of address. This takes into account Privacy, Trust, Information Dissemination, interaction with vendors, involvement of trusted 3rd Parties, and a host of choices and concerns -- all of which would be in the hands of the individual with a VRM solution.

At the IIW meeting the Change of Address Use case was the topic of numerous technical and marketing sessions. VRM as a basic principle and a tenet of aspects of the Identity matter was discussed in numerous sessions.

Following the California meetings the European contingent (who were well represented in both California meetings) put together a schedule of regular meetings. The European Steering Committee members attend the bi-weekly conference call and are making great strides. Members are in discussion with governments regarding standards, incorporation of VRM into process, and other emerging areas.

VRM will be represented at a conference in SF Feb. 4 called Customer Service Is the New Marketing. The first European VRM conference will be held in Munich on the 21st-22nd April at the EIC location (Forum am Deutschen Museum). It is part of 2nd European Identity Conference - 22nd-25th April. Registration for VRM2008 is free of charge

The VRM blog is picking up steam, and a Steering committee team is working on a new "dot com" (ProjectVRM.com) landing page to be ready during the first quarter of 2008. That team will be meeting in Boston/Cambridge during the first week of February.