Identity Commons is a community of groups working on developing the identity and social layer of the web. We create opportunities for both innovators and competitors, for both the big guy and the small fry to come together in a safe and balanced space. We are loosely connected sharing a common purpose and principles.  

Our main commnity mailing "the Identity Gang" you can subscribe to here

Our main community gathering is the Internet Identity Workshop that happens twice a year.  Other similar gatherings are happening in other countries too. 

If you would like information on becoming affiliated with Identity Commons please write to Kaliya – kaliya [at] identitywoman.net  or  Mary mary [at] meristic.com 

Our organizational forms are diverse including

  • several dozen people on a mailing list
  • nonprofit foundations behind particular technologies
  • open source projects part of other foundations
  • autonomous projects working on market advocacy and development

We formed to facilitate information sharing and coherence this space and to support interoperability and convergence around open standards.

We have a monthly conference call to exchange information about ongoing activities in identity. 

We also keep a community calendar to help track events and activities world wide – you can see them in the sidebar to the right. 

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