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The main website for the Personal Data Ecosystem is here

Privacy Green Paper Response

We are using this space for tracking community activity and doing things that are better done on wiki's then blogs.

We (Aldo and Kaliya) are launching a podcast to cover the people, companies, organizations and emerging projects in this space. Here is a list of people we see as potential guests. We invite others to contribute to the list.

Episode 1: Kaliya Hamlin and Aldo Castaneda

Episode 2: TBD

Potential Guests:

  • Startups in the space, Trust Fabric, Switch Book, Paoga, Innopay, Edentity, Mint, Statz, Poyozo, backupfiy, pachube, grphlin
  • MyDex Team members: Ian Henderson, William Heath, David Alexander
  • Azigo: Paul Trevithick, Tom
  • Project Danube: Markus Sabadello
  • XDI: Drummond Reed
  • Project Nori: Joe Johnston
  • World Economic Forum: Rico Oloya, William Hoffman
  • Project VRM: Doc Searls, Joyce Searls, Rene Lloyd
  • ID-Legal: Scott David
  • Microsoft: Marc Davis
  • Google: Rohit Khare, Joseph Smarr, Chris Messina
  • Mike Ozburn
  • Telco 2.0: Philip and Simon
  • UMA: Eve Maler
  • David Recordon
  • Health Care side of things Brian Belendorf, Adrian Gropper
  • Data Aggregator Companies
  • Law Lab: John Clippinger
  • OIX: Don Thibeau
  • Personal Info Could: Thomas Vander Wal
  • Phone Companies providing PDS services
  • User Experience: Mary Hodder
  • Visionary: Marc Canter
  • Data Portability Folks: Phil Wolf, Steven Greenburg, Daniela Barbosa, Elias Bizannes
  • Higgins Project: Mary Ruddy
  • Nat Sakamura