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Early January 2011 Call


  • Survey
    • Review make suggestions on the Survey
  • to see interest in DDD
    • Talk about plan to distribute survey
  • To be sent to whom?
      Explain who we are.
    • Purpose, intentionality
    • We need a meeting to bring providers together who have been developing models that were very different from one another.
    • Anand suggests to increase awareness of the agenda in a wider audience
    • Kaliya says: we are good at convening a space.
    • John: multidisciplinary interaction among e.g. lawyers, social scientists,
    • Biggest challenge: no legal standard exists currently
    • Media Coverage this week!
      • NYTimes Magazine
    • Some new service exists to store data forever
    • Stacey knows a second one like that. John has had email, and will talk with them again on Thursday -- will send to list.
    • thelongnowfoundation,
    • Dave Winer
    • We should invite him to something specific that he can do.
      • FreshAir (U.S. broadcast interview show)
      • NRT
      • WOW!
      • How do we feel about all of this - do we need to coordinate in some way or is it all working out ok.
      • How do we leverage the interest into attendees at Digital Death Day?
    • We have a common agenda, but specific interests.
    • Stacey: A DDD community exists.
    • Kaliya: an interdisciplinary collaboration, should be made apparent on our Website
    • Go to and click on "blog" Kaliya would organize funding. It will require maintenance. Who would do that daily servicing? distribute responsibility for maintaining the blog.
    • Anand: we should find a plug-in.
    • Kaliya: How to share responsibility of keeping it going? Option 1 = aggregate blogs or Option 2 = PDE site RSS from 100 sites into Google leader and only taking ones that are on topic. Takes everyday 5 minutes.
    • Q for those getting media coverage:
    • A: Anand : initial media coverage brings more media coverage.
    • Q Kaliya: "actual news"?
    • A: John (?) Getting good press coverage requires newsworthy speakers, persons getting their logos on Website then get speaking; read the Tech Blog of NYT to understand what's curent.
    • Q Kaliya: when we have a date, we could set up a media team.
    • A : John (?) has come up every so often.
    • Feb Personal Digital Archive Event - Happy Hour - ideas/sponsors etc.
    • Who is coming in January?
    • A :"John and I"
    • Feb. 22-23rd in SF
    • [Someone] plans to go to the Personal Digital Archive Event to spread awareness that DDD is relevant too.
    • Q Kaliya:
    • A It might make sense. Contact to organizers. Email perhaps?
    • OK, please CC me, Kaliya.
    • Q Kaliya:
    • SXSW any further thoughts on what makes sense for a 1/2 day-3h event
    • Q Kaliya:
    • Jeremy will join us for a panel, but we don't know the time yet. At a bar or hotel room?
    • Q [Lady]
    • Answer: SXSW DDD community wants to avoid times when we schedule our event.
    • The interactive conf. ends on 15th
    • We're doing s.t. the day after the conf.
    • Q: [Lady]
    • A: our panel is on the 14th.
    • S.t. there are hospitality rooms where e.g. last year people had meetings.
    • Yeah, makes a lot of sense, Leah.
    • title of panel: "You're dead; your data isn't. What happens next?"
    • We're publishing: grave-robbers , HT stop ID theft.
    • Another idea from last year: I once organized a joint booth, got ten persons to put up 150 $ each to have a booth.
    • We would support that. We would definitely support that.
    • Who else has a co. with a product?
    • We could put it up as a Q on the list.
    • Aren't there 5 or 6 companies in the States doing something comparable?
    • I will write up something on that.
    • Looking at Date Windows for the North American Conference. Dates "are available" for people.
    • European Event
      • it is in September but what we should we be doing now to prepare/coordinate.
    • Stacey: Esther couldn't attend this call meeting. I'm writing up a presentation for the conf.
    • Taking care of community assets - ideas for cooperating/coordinating for these tools
      • Tweeting
      • Bloggins
    • Moving towards being chartered "officially" as an Identity Commons working group so we can use the bank account and continue using mailing list and wiki tools. Charter and picking a Steward the "big" commitment with that is reporting group activity once a month on the community stewards call.
    • Other Items


    Thomas in Switzerland (ruddyconsult) (
    Jennifer in SF
    Anand in London
    Cathy in SF
    Evan Carroll in Raleigh NC
    John Romano in Raleigh
    Nathan Dosch in Milwaukee WI
    Nate Lustig in Santiago, Chile
    Adam Burg (Legacy Lockler)
    Stacey Pitsillides in London
    Susan Gibbs in SF




    • Who should we send to?
    • Regional area events

    Why DDD?

    • Cross industry standards
    • Communication between different aspects of the industry
    • Increase awareness to broader public
    • Experts interacting with each other
    • Establishing businesses within legal standards

    Media coverage

    • NPR/Fresh Air
    • NYT
    • CES launch - chronicals of life foundation
    • BBC
    • Reach out to Dave Winer?
    • Long Now event?
    • Reflect community on DDD - blog agg. etc
    • Reporters seeking us?
    • Media sponsors


    • Personal Archiving - Feb 22-23
      • Happy Hour ;-p
    • SXSW - Maybe 14th after panel
      • Booth to share! Kaliya will check the booth prices
    • European Event

    Action Items

    Next Call

    Late December 2010 Call:

    I wanted to report to the community about outcomes from a focused conversation we had with Evan & John from the Digital Beyond Blog and Stacey Pitsillidies.

    I have updated the website to reflect these outcomes too -

    There is a core group that will work on pulling the details together for a Digital Death Day Europe around the Death Dying and Disposal Conference in September in the Netherlands composed of Stacey, Esther and the folks from Ziggur. (Should we set up a planning mailing list for it?)

    We are not sure when and where to put a North American Event. We are going to work on a survey and circulate it around early in the new year. Evan is working on a draft and will circulate to list - we can use Kaliya's Survey Monkey to post.

    This event needs to be community promoted - we are looking for other key leaders in the field who might be a good fit for this. So please raise your hand if you want to help out.

    We are doing:

    • A social evening at the Personal Digital Archive Conference in February in the Bay Area. We are hoping some of the Bay Area based companis in this space can sponsor it and that Pierre Wolff and Jeremy can play a key roll in helping promote it to people beyond the conference. Other Bay Area people can help too! if you are interested please raise hand by replying.
    • The Digital Beyond is organizing a panel for SXSW and we will organize some meetup/mini-unconference thing there - Kaliya is going to inquire about venues from locals and Evan and John are going to get more info on relevant things happening at the conference so we can figure out a date/time.

    The mailing list is now publically open for more subscribers Please invite people who belong in the conversation with us.

    We are going to do a Next call for the community likely at the same time 8am pacific 11am eastern 4pm London 5pm Europe

    I propose Wednesday the 5th of January. Does this work for folks?

    • We should have the survey to review + more organizing info for the SXSW and the Personal Archiving event.

    ( I can work on finding an international bridge for us to borrow so we don't have to do skype. )


    Event: SXSW 2011

    Trade Show Booth

    We are trying to generate interest in a booth at the SXSW trade show.

    The show runs March 14-17

    It overlaps the Interactive Festival which is from the 11th to the 15th for two days.

    The idea is to have a shared DDD Digital Beyond booth that sponsors can set up a presence at. It would function as a lounge, meeting area and media area.

    Interested Sponsors:

    • Victoria Tayler - DataInherit

    Digital Death Meet Up

    info to cone