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Currently, it takes initiative on the part of a new person to get up to speed. How do we provide resources to accelerate their efforts?

This is why Newbies 4 Newbies was formed at the Internet Identity Workhshop in 2007

We have a Mailing list if you are "new" to the field of user-centric digital identity and want to get help from your other "newbie" peers and help make the documentation better for everyone please join up -

We are working on planning next actions for developing Starting Points and the Welcome Wagon


Tuesday, Mar 11, at 3pm PDT 6pm EDT ((605) 475-8585, access code 347-330-381)

Agenda and Notes From Conference Calls

Current projects

IIW Notes

Below are notes from the Internet Identity Workshop - December 2007.

"What gets you in the door?" - what motivates you to check out identity and the workshop and gets you to act?

There's a lot of jargon going on, and it would be great to understand some of it when we get to the workshop. The Newbies4Newbies may be able to provide "the 30,000 foot view" of internet identity and the workshop.

Currently, it takes initiative on the part of a new person to get up to speed. How do we provide resources to accelerate their efforts? We'll want to consider the new person's basis of interest in internet identity issues and the workshop.

  • It would be helpful to have a lexicon of identity terminology for the newbie, with links to "the real definitions."
  • New people come in on different paths. In some cases, the text on the Web site should be in the language of the respective path.
  • Some people have a long history in one aspect of internet identity and they'd like to have a broader knowledge. They would be new to an identity topic, but not the whole arena.
  • Where can new people find philosophical perspectives?
  • An idea for some content on the Web page: tips for newbies.
  • What is the pre-work we need to do? the preparatory stuff before anything gets prepared for the Web (and later, prepared for the next workshop)?
  • Tell the story behind the Identity Commons logo.
  • For the workshops, have volunteer mentors available to translate from identity terminology to plain English.
  • Provide some information on the Web about "How to 'do' Internet Identity Workshops."
  • Keep information granular enough so people can find information quickly in the area(s) they're interested in.
  • Promote the participation aspect of the workshops and the expectation to be productive.
  • How do we preserve the stuff that has value, now? (ex. productivity, "rock stars" of an area of the identity world, participation)
  • The name of the workshop activities is Welcome Wagon (although I'm pretty sure we'll have to change that, due to trademark issues).